Friday, April 28, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#12]

A couple days ago, I realized I hadn't included my government ties with the creation of Earth. Though this won't be my main focus today, I'll definitely do my research to involve NASA or other space agencies. My primary focus will be on organizing specific dates (billions of years ago) into the correct eras.

(Work Time: 11:45AM-12:27PM)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#11]

By this point in my Genius Hour, I've finished most aspects of my Google Slideshow Presentation. I'll be focusing on cleaning up any slides and memorizing a script for the presentation. I also added transitions; nothing too complicated. I'm in the process of creating a flash card with information about the specific time period on a given slide. I also need to collect a bit more information about some eras; shouldn't be too difficult.

(Work Time: 11:45AM-12:21PM)

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#10]

Today I started my Genius Hour by trying to find my Paleozoic and Proterozoic Era backgrounds and filling those in to my project. Unfortunately, my chromebook's battery wanted to die pretty fast today (trust me- it was at 100% at 1st period, 25% at 3rd period, and dropped to 20% when I started this Genius Hour. I'll submit this right before my chromebook dies, so this'll explain any loose ends in my work today.

UPDATE: 5% remaining, submitting now.

(Work Time: 11:59AM-12:12PM)

Cited Sources: None

Friday, March 31, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#9]

Today I'm continuing to design my presentation. I'm using a chart on one of my slides to organize my information into Eras. Before I organize my information with my slides, I've decided to get the backgrounds of each era in. This will give me a general idea of what occurred during those specific time periods.

(Work Time: 11:50AM-12:33PM)

Cited Sources: None

Friday, March 24, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#8]

Today I'm starting to clean up my information and finally start to design my google slideshow presentation. I'm debating what type of style I should set up my timeline, maybe each slide should represent a time period. I'm going to have most of my backgrounds space-themed, or something different.

Unfortunately, I've ran into a snag: all the websites where I'd like to get my images from are blocked. I'll just do the backgrounds anytime I'm home.

(Work TIme: 11:55AM-12:28PM)

Cited Sources: None

Friday, March 17, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#7]

Today I'm exploring the "to be reviewed" link from lasts weeks post. Halfway through the session, I realized scientists have created time zones for the periods of Earth, labeled "Eons" or "Ions." I've stumped upon a gold mine; a pie chart-esk timeline of Earth sectioned into eons.

With this new graph, I was able to edit my information more precisely, adding or removing a couple hundred million years.

(Work Time: 11:45AM-12:

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Official Genius Hour Project: The Creation of Earth [#6]

Today was a slower working day; I forgot where I had left off and took some time to find that. Also, the information from the sources I'm using is starting to become more vague, so some extra work will be required. I'm planning on watching some documentaries over the weekend (I remember watching them every morning about Earth's history in 4th grade) so I could recollect some information.

(Work Time: 11:43AM-12:22PM)

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To Be Reviewed: